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da_madratz's Journal

MadRatz! Infoshop Collective
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We are the Mad Ratz! Collective based in Atlanta and we will be Atlanta’s first Infoshop!!

Here you can keep up with us on the progress we're making. We are currently returning from a 3 month hiatus of activity due to changes in all of our collectives work schedules, But we are getting back on track. If you would like to get more up to date information, please check our website or our myspace account. As nice as livejournal is, it is second string to those two.

Currently we are building our library and tabling at shows with Lit. on a variety of subjects, from ecology, diy manuals, Labor struggles, anarchism, revolutionary history and theory, street medic manuals, Politcal Prisoners and current events. We also carry a number of periodicals; the Industrial Worker, Slingshot, Slug and Lettuce, Strike!, Anarchist Atlanta, to name a few and will be getting in more as time goes on. We also have Slingshot Organizers for sale, and carry a number of titles from AKPress, Ocean Books, South End Press, Autonomedia as well as other radical publishers.

You can also find us here madratzinfoshop.com on our web page, where we will have more frequent updates. We have finally over come the hump for learning to design our website, so you won't see TOO many major changes to our website.