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28 November 2005 @ 05:14 pm
the MadRatz! are currently just returned from tabling at the School Of the Americas vigil where we made some good contacts and some decent money. even though we didn't receive our AKPress order before we left we have received it now and have plenty of books for sale. If you would like a list of titles just contact us and we'll send you one with prices.

The MadRatz! are still looking for a space. Retail space is expensive and the realities of rents are making it hard for us to find good locations or even affordable ones. We do however have a few options to us. And Hopefully one of them will pan out. The holidays are here with us so we realize that looking for a space before the new year is pretty much an act in futility, but even though we may not be talking to those who are renting them we are collecting addresses and phone numbers of locations we are interested in.

We are also seriously thinking about putting our efforts into our book mobile. we have a Van we literally bought for one dollar and even though it doesn't run great, it does run. The idea would be, that we would have mobile book store and library that we could take into different neighborhoods and to different events and shows so we could bring a taste of the infoshop to people. We're still talking about it.

We do need the occasional volunteer to help with tabling local shows and events, so we ask that if you would like to help us out please contact us about volunteering.

Thank you and good night :D

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MadRatz! is up and running on livejournal now too. We have another, but it hasn't been maintained, nor do any of us have access to it to update it. So we felt it best to start a new one.

of course this doesn't not mean we'll be spending a lot of time on this page but it is a good networking tool just like myspace. We do encourage all of our friends to visit our website and register on our forum. Our forum will be the best place to get up to date information about what the madratz are up to and how we're progressing.

our website is linked on your info page as well as on the journal page.

thank you,

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